Worry? Uncertainty? Tips to stay in your calm

Where in the world are we going?

We currently reside in a world that may seem to reflect “uncertain times.”
Does it feel like society is in chaos, or upside down?
Does is seem like the sparkle and shine has lost its lustre?

Whether you are on one side or another, there is one thing that remains. We as humans, crave connection, to be a part of something, a sense of community and belonging. We are the source of light that shines in the world, and segregation, a lack of empathy, understanding, compassion, expressing frustration and anger will only serve to dim our shine.

It is up to us, individually and collectively to maintain the standard we wish for ourselves and the world around us.

So, what can we do?

Every moment is a gift, an opportunity, and it predicts an outcome. Being present and mindful in your awareness, thoughts and actions plays a significant role in the direction you’re heading and the attitude you are putting forward.
Consider what you want, how you would like to be treated, and how your view of the world around you might ideally be. With presence and mindfulness, take notice if how you think, feel, and act are reflecting this.

It’s okay to maintain distance or walk away from an environment that may feel heavy or negative.
Ask yourself if the situation or experience represents the things that you want. Redirect your focus and participate in activities or events that bring happiness and connection. Be assertive in listening and honouring your needs and desires. Practice bringing presence and mindfulness forward, to deeply understand what it is that you require in that moment.

If it lights you up, do it! Any activities, events, places or people that bring a smile and resonate with the way you want to see, hear and feel about life and the world around you, bring them forward and go there, do that. Do it often!
By doing so, your energy shifts to respond to these pleasant experiences/feelings and in turn, filters for it and invites more of it your way.

Always remember, we are a drop in the ocean, and the ripple effect speaks waves.
What we put out is returned, so let’s make it priority to act and respond in a way that we desire for our world and from those around us.

We may be experiencing uncertain times, but there is always time and space to remember and focus on something positive… In fact, we have the power to create it.
Spread love, happiness, acceptance and understanding. Know that you always have community, and that you belong.
Let’s turn those bright filters on and set them to see the positive in the world today. Starting with you.