Your Role In Accountability

Accountability is the art of being mindful and present with your thoughts, actions, and feelings. It comes down to taking responsibility for yourself and everything in your life, including our behaviour towards others and conflict resolution. A lack of accountability sees us irresponsibly placing blame on others, inconsiderate of the repercussion of our actions and how they may affect anything and anyone around us, and failure to fully commit and follow through with promises or tasks. One small action can leave a big ripple effect, and the lack of accountability may then become a permanent fixture of our behaviour and personality.

Have you ever been in a ghosting incident? For example, someone has initiated contact with you- whether out of interest of your personal time, services or product. Only for you to partake and suddenly be left with… crickets.. Or perhaps you have shared companionship with a romantic interest, to have them seem like they have disappeared? No contact, no explanation, no accountability. Do you recall how it made you feel? We can be left with feelings of confusion, frustration, and even hurt. It opens the gate for questions of doubt to easily walk through. This is certainly not the outcome we desire, and are left to wonder what may have caused this and why? Consider this for a moment, and ask yourself, “have I been the one that has “ghosted” someone? If you have, then it’s time to install and practice accountability of your behaviours and patterns. Remember that this accountability initiates other positive returns. Practice this and notice the positive repercussion of having the confidence to be accountable.

CONSIDERATION of others around you means consideration of yourself and your own needs, keeping in mind the feelings of presence and calmness. An open and honest attitude, in regards to what you want and how you feel, will resonate throughout your life and present you with the same in return. We desire open communication and deep consideration from others and it begins when we lead by example. Keep in mind consideration of others and how your actions (or in actions) may affect them.

AVAILABILITY in full presence and communication represents how your appearance and ability to effectively resolve any and all conflict. Be confident in being true to your expression, your availability – being seen and heard, and relieve any tension amidst any situation. Being available, should any resolution be required, removes stress from the situation and in moving forward. The bonus is, you open passage for future contact.

OWNING YOUR CONVICTIONS, your feelings and your needs, rather than holding it in. Express your truth with confidence. When we hold in our true feelings, we only carry the heaviness with us. Ignorance finds no resolution. Free yourself with openness and own your expression FULLY. If you are no longer interested in a person, product or service, communicate this and allow closure of the situation and for everyone involved.

Most importantly, FOLLOW THROUGH! Whether it is a yes or no, be open and honest in saying so. This shows respect and consideration for you and all involved.