Perception is Projection. A deeply powerful and all-encompassing famous phrase from Carl Jung, renowned Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and founder of analytical psychology. 

“Projection is one of the commonest psychic phenomena…Everything that is unconscious in ourselves we discover in our neighbour, and we treat him accordingly.” Carl Jung, Archaic Man.

Framing Reality

The concept is that we create our own perception of reality. How we perceive people, our lives and the world around us is based on our own preconceived notions influenced by subconscious filters such as our upbringing, personal, religious and cultural beliefs, to frame our reality. 

“We tend to take our most unconscious material and project it on people and events around us. That which is unconscious must of need be projected on people and events that are around us.”

We are all shaped by our experiences. Through these experiences, we unconsciously and consciously form perceptions around events, people in our lives and our environment, and project them to ourselves as our own reality.

Automatic Perceptions

So if how we interact with other people, how we automatically feel a certain way about something or somewhere are all preconceived perceptions that we project – imagine the possibilities that are available to us if we consider that our preconceived notions, our perceptions may not be accurate.

What happens if we consider the possibility that we perceive the world as we are and not how it truly is. 

Are we perpetuating our beliefs by only seeing the examples of what supports them in the world around us?

Are we just projecting our reality based on the things that we think we know?

Challenging our Assumptions

The concepts of perception from Jung propose that we all have parts of ourselves that we like or dislike but don’t acknowledge them, instead we attribute them to others. 

For example, think of a person who really irritates you or another who really makes you happy. Jung proposes that it is actually ourselves we are irritated with or happy with – traits we have projected onto others.

This is a concept that we might be familiar with, but really taking it on board and challenging our assumptions – our perceptions – is another terrifying event altogether. 

Changing our Reality

If we consciously acknowledge that our own internal bias has created a frame of reference for how we see and interact with the world around us and the people in it, we take the first step in being able to change our reality.

When we challenge ourselves and our assumptions, we can step out of our perceptions and be open to exploring alternative perspectives. 

If we are brutally honest with ourselves and courageous enough, we might discover that what we think we know about others and a perceived situation might not be accurate. 

It’s very possible that we could be wrong. 

There is More

Think about your current levels of anger, irritation, frustration, exasperation with people, situations, places, and events. 

How would any of these scenarios change if you looked past your initial interpretations and explored an alternative perspective that wasn’t filtered by your own internal bias?

Perceptions are mostly unconscious. They are mostly subjective and part of events and everyday experiences that just seem to automatically happen to us, rather than us choosing to allow them to happen. 

Essentially, perceptions on that basis could be seen as consciously unaware and unreliable. Yet, our perceptions shape the frame of the world in its entirety. 

In conclusion, there are many ways that we can explore perceptions and projections to help you simplify your life and to live purposefully. If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or unhappy, I can help. 

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