The “in’s & out’s” of your wellbeing.

Lifestyle is a key contributing factor when it comes to our wellbeing. There are the well-known, popular, frequently advertised and easily accessible information in relation to what defines lifestyle. For example; diet and exercise, work site, social interactions, environment, holidays, etc. Now, these are all significant factors of our wellbeing, it is important for us to maintain balance within all areas of our life.

But there is another extremely important key element, and it takes priority as the guiding force behind all the rest… and it is something that we seldom take notice of or see around us. We know that our outer environment affects our wellbeing, but what about our “inner environment”? This is the gold that holds all the information!

Wellbeing is also about our minds, genetics, childhood experiences/upbringing, internal dialogue and programming, and (which makes up) our personality in general. Have you ever considered that our self-talk/thoughts/feelings have huge influence over our whole wellbeing? It’s true! And the good news is, we can learn more about it, and even change it up. First, let’s provide a space to openly talk and learn about it.

I host group lifestyle and wellbeing talks, where I teach more in depth about your overall wellbeing, strategies to learn and connect to you and your lifestyle wants and choices, and how my one on one work further contributes positively to your whole life wellness.

For more information, to book in a complimentary discovery call, or to arrange a talk at your office, social club or workplace- please email or call