Feeling overwhelmed?

With all the uncertainty going on in the world right now, mixed with life’s usual pressures (including relationship problems, work stress, financial pressures, health concerns, kids… the list is endless), it’s no wonder!

You are only human, after all – not a robot.

Unchecked, stress can build up and up and up until… overwhelm!

Overwhelm occurs when the signs of stress are not recognised, acknowledged and acted upon.

You will know if you are in overwhelm when even the smallest task seems too much to cope with. You can feel mentally and emotionally paralysed. Inexplicably exhausted. Not sure where to start first, unable to perform (even if you did work through your ‘checklist’) and even more stressed at the thought of all the things you haven’t done, in a vicious cycle.

How did you get here? You ignored the warning signs. Then the flashing lights. Then the sirens. Until finally, a crash occurred.

When you begin to feel or think, even in the slightest, “I’m not coping”, it’s vitally important to stop, take steps to prioritise your own wellbeing and make necessary changes.

Take anything off your plate that does not need to be there, that can wait or that does not serve your wellbeing. Everything else can wait. Your mental health and wellbeing cannot.

You are number one and must put your life mask on first. This is the noblest thing you can do. Putting everyone and everything else first and continually ahead of your own needs actually doesn’t serve anyone. In fact, it is a sure fire way to let everyone else down in the long run!

When you don’t prioritise your own mental health and wellbeing, and if you find yourself unable to cope and requiring (not wanting, but now requiring) the support of others, this can render you even more unable to meet everyone else’s needs.

Please recognise that it is never selfish to look after yourself, first and foremost.

We all handle different things differently. Whatever it is that triggers your anxiety, stress or any other symptoms of overwhelm, may well differ from other people’s triggers.

It really doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks you ‘should’ be able to cope’ with a situation or that you ‘must’ be able to get through something. Their expectations of you should not become your expectations of yourself. That is their ‘stuff’ and should not be projected onto you.

What is healthy is learning, perhaps with the help of a trusted friend or professional, to recognise YOUR triggers, identify the signs and symptoms that you are not coping, stop these warning signs in their tracks and make the necessary changes and adjustments needed to return to a space of wellbeing.

Signs and symptoms may include (but are not limited to) behaviour such as procrastination, over working, poor sleep hygiene, poor diet, lack of exercise, drinking more, addictive behaviours, shut down and other behaviours of concern.

It’s important to check in with yourself regularly and honestly assess if you are starting to feel any signs of overwhelm.

If so, please put your hand up and ask for help before you approach burnout.

This can mean talking to a friend, phoning Lifeline on 131 114 or making an appointment to see your GP and/or Psychologist.

I would also love to be a part of your support team. I use a range of modalities to combat stress including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Access Bars®.

Please take the first step and reach out to me today. Visit www.purposefullife.com.au for more information or email hello@purposefullife.com.au or phone 0481 877 860 to make your first appointment.