Are you ‘stuck’ in a past relationship?

The ghosts of unhealthy relationships past – hurt, anger, sadness, resentment, guilt and fear – can affect your wellbeing in the present (and the future), unless you take steps to become ‘unstuck’ and clear these emotional blocks once and for all.

Your experiences, feelings and patterns from past relationships (with parents/caregivers, peers, romantic partners or others) can all shape your sense of self, who you attract into your life and how you interact in future relationships (especially as a partner and/or parent).

You may even be living with unresolved trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and/or negative self-beliefs due to past relationships.

When these issues are left unchecked, you may re-live the same mistakes over and over again in future relationships.

You may ‘act out’ old patterns and behaviours you saw modelled in your formative years and then either re-enact these behaviours yourself or attract people into your life who behave in that same way.

Sometimes, this can be a great thing. For example, if you came from a loving home with parents who demonstrated love and respect for one another, hopefully you will enter into similar relationships as an adult.

However, if you came from a home where there was neglect or abuse, for example, then you may unfortunately attract similar relationships (either as the abuser or the abused), in a vicious cycle of intergenerational trauma.

(Of course, there are a million other examples in between these two and unhealthy behaviours within relationships are not always abusive).

If you fit into the latter category, it is completely understandable that you would struggle with unstable relationships as an adult. Understandable, but unhealthy.

Not everyone is taught or had healthy relationship skills modelled as a child. For many, these skills need to be completely re-learned as an adult.

You may need support to change your core beliefs, behaviours and way of being in different types of relationships. This can be as a partner, parent, friend, family member, team member or even simply as a community member – whichever area/s of your life you’re struggling with.

Different people may struggle with different kinds of relationships. For example, some people may struggle as a partner, but thrive as a parent, or vice versa.

There should be no shame, guilt or self-loathing that comes with realising there is a problem and asking for help. Instead, congratulate yourself on having the self-awareness to realise that something is wrong and the bravery to create positive change; and be excited about building healthier future relationships.

You deserve to be happy, enjoy a sense of wellbeing and find fulfillment in whatever relationships you enter into throughout your life – especially the one with yourself.

Time Line Therapy® can help you to make dramatic changes in your life, learn to love you and develop the skills and tools to build positive and healthy relationships.

If you are ready to accept that your past issues have been holding you back and need to be addressed, that is a wonderful first step.

During a Time Line Therapy® session, you will remain conscious, fully awake and aware of your surroundings. You are very much an active part of the process, working closely together with your therapist to achieve a personal breakthrough by using active imagination and visualisation techniques.

These may seem like simple techniques, yet they are highly effective. Time Line Therapy® has created lasting change at an unconscious level for countless clients.

Each session lasts up to 120 minutes, depending on individual client needs.

These one-on-one sessions are professionally run in a safe and judgement-free environment. Each session is personalised to suit individual needs and everything discussed/uncovered during treatment is completely confidential.

To ensure that are supported holistically throughout your healing journey, you will receive unlimited email support and access to a supportive, private Facebook group.

You will also have access to online meditations, positive affirmations and morning rituals to start your day mindfully, in line with your individual wellness needs.

Plus, when you complete your course of treatment (there is a minimum of five sessions), you will receive a very special surprise to help you continue on your wellness journey.

If you are struggling with mental health issues and/or unresolved trauma, please seek support from your GP or a Psychologist.

I would also love to be part of your support team. I offer a range of modalities including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy®, Access Bars® and Life Coaching and can work together with your support team to maintain continuity of support.

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