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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I met Marg at one of the expos, and I had never heard of access bars until I met her. My partner and myself had an hour each session with her. My partner definitely felt things shifting within himself while having his session. I feel so much happier,calmer, being able to stay calm in negative situations, not thinking negative about myself since my session. I could even feel the energy beaming from Margs hands. She’s such a wonderful lady, who will listen, give advice and very professional. Highly recommend Marg!!


Kate (RileyFH)

Access Bars

I had heard about Access Bars before and always been curious but I only took the plunge when I met Marg at an expo. She was an absolute professional who was also very easy to relate to. She made me feel comfortable and I really enjoyed my session. I almost felt high when she finished! I would highly recommend Marg’s healing touch and words!


Access Bars

I found Marg to be very helpful, she always come on time, a very kind and caring person. She made me feel comfortable with the procedures and sessions we went through.

I now feel I am able to achieve my goals as I have the help and support I need to keep losing weight.


Personal Breakthrough - Weight Loss

I had a session with Marg at the Body, Mind, Psychic Expo just gone and it was a truly warming experience. Marg has a very calming presence about her and made me feel very welcomed. In the chaos of the expo with so much background noise, I was still able to fully relax and concentrate on what I was feeling during the session. I highly recommend her and will definitely be seeking Marg out again for a future appointment!

Having never tried hypnosis. I always wanted to relax more. Nothing that I tried helped. I’ve been follower for sometime. Swallowed my pride and made contact. Very easy and professional.
Marg’s voice was very quiet and calming during the hypnosis. I was so relaxed I could have easily fallen asleep. Now I can say I’ve tried it and it worked a treat. Thanks so much.
Jane B


highly recommend Marg Brassington.
I came across beautiful Marg by accident at the Blake’s Crossing market, which I had Time Line Therapy, which at that time had a lot off emotion and holding on to thoughts, which as we know makes you feel heavy, Marg showed compassion and empathy, I felt 100% lighter and very calm after her therapy, thank you.  Ann


So I’ve known Margret for quite some time now and have been really good friends since.

Lately she has been telling me a lot of things about what she is basically doing on her life. She told me about NLP and Time Line Therapy, at first none of that made any sense but as she delved deeper, I understood more of it and finally one day I came back in contact and asked her if she would try a therapy session on me.

I had a long history of anger issues within me and she said she could help and to be honest I was kind of tired of my lifestyle. So we decided to book a session one day and I got through all of that.

It was quite intriguing how she took me back to various times and events in my past. It’s hard to describe, you need to be there to feel it. Words are not enough.

So the basic gist of the story is she did that therapy on me and it actually drained out all of the anger issues in me.

Now I don’t feel angry any more and I am so thankful to Margret for this once in a lifetime opportunity. She’s really my saviour.

Thank you.


Personal Breakthrough - Time Line Therapy

My interest in Access Bars were stirred after a chat with Marg on their benefits. Marg’s listening ability and positive outlook on life, enabled her to focus on solutions that could help me. I did not know what to expect or how many sessions were expected. It was an easy, non-invasive process in a completely relaxing environment with no stress on the body. Whilst I felt her presence, there was no physical or mental influence that could have prepared me for these sessions. Throughout the whole time, Marg allowed me to process my thoughts in a clear and positive way. The benefits were not immediate, but within days a clarity in thinking enabled me to process some emotional hang-ups that I was not able to move on from. The stress seemed to fall away and the hours of good, non-interrupted sleep improved. Over time I feel the changes I have made to my life in moving forward could be attributed Marg’s guidance.

Going through a difficult time recently, I noticed that after having a Bars session I experienced a quieter time overall within myself. I have been sleeping well and am able to recognise any negative thinking and turn my focus to a positive outlook. I am looking forward to another session with Marg’s healing hands very soon.


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