Was your New Year’s resolution to lose weight?

Did you have the best laid plans to maintain a healthy diet, stick to an exercise regime and avoid any other unhealthy habits which contribute to your weight?

Have you already broken this resolution?

You are not alone.

Many, many people struggle to achieve – and maintain – a healthy (let alone ideal) weight.

This is, in part, due to the vast sea of conflicting information available regarding weight loss. Every ‘expert’ seems to have a different opinion, making it difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing to lose weight – and especially difficult to know who to listen to.

Further compounding this confusion is the fact that no two bodies are the same. We all have different genetics, shapes, sizes, metabolisms, blood types and health issues which can contribute to our weight.

Not every diet and exercise plan will work for every individual. Different strategies work for different people at different stages in their lives, making it harder still to find the right ‘fit’ for your body.

Lastly, an often forgotten about – yet extremely important – component of weight management is the psychological component. While a medical condition might be a primary contributing factor in some people’s weight management issues, many people simply have eating habits that are not optimal for their body type (even when they believe they’re ‘eating healthy’), unhealthy eating or disordered eating.

To shift these habits, it is important to get to the bottom of any underpinning belief patterns that cause them. This can be extremely difficult without professional support – especially if you are not even aware of your belief patterns!

Perhaps you have already tried the ‘go to’ professionals for weight loss – your GP, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Personal Trainers and maybe even a Psychologist… with no luck. Or only short term results.

It might be time to start thinking outside the box.

Have you tried Hypnosis?

Due to negative stereotypes surrounding Hypnosis (e.g. 80s Hypnotists getting TV contestants to cluck like chickens), it is often the last place many people look for help to lose weight.

You might be surprised – and even a little sceptical – to learn that Hypnosis is actually one of the most proven methods of weight loss!

Studies dating back to the early 1970s have found that many people who use Hypnosis have lost more than twice as much weight as those who diet without it, or during previous dieting attempts.

Why is Hypnosis so effective?

It differs from many other weight loss methods, because it addresses the cause and underlying factors that contribute to a person being overweight, directly at the subconscious level. Whereas, many other weight loss methods simply don’t address these core issues at their root.

Our subconscious is where our memories, habits, fears, food associations, negative self-talk and self-esteem develop. It is where our emotions, habits and addictions are stored. Because Hypnosis addresses the subconscious – and not just the conscious mind – it can be much more effective in shifting these thoughts and behaviours.

Does the idea of having a Hypnotherapist ‘dig around’ in your subconscious scare you?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that Hypnosis allows someone else to control your mind and make you do funny things against your will, while you’re unconscious.

In reality, you’ll actually be in complete control throughout a Hypnosis session. You will remain conscious, yet in a deep state of relaxation, making you more susceptible to change the things you WANT to change – you CANNOT be coerced into doing anything you do not wish to do.

Hypnosis is suitable for anyone who has trouble sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program and/or quitting negative habits. For example, eating an entire bag of potato chips instead of stopping when full is a sign of a subconscious problem – and not a physical problem – which can be resolved through Hypnosis.

It is also a much cheaper and safer option that surgery and doesn’t have the side effects that you may experience from medication or dieting supplements.

Hypnosis doesn’t have to be used on its own and can be used to compliment other weight loss programs and professional supports.

To find out more about how you can lose weight through Hypnosis or to book in your first session today, please visit www.purposefullife.com.au, phone 0481 877 860 or email hello@purposefullife.com.au.