I don’t need to tell you about the deadly effects of smoking. This information has been public record for decades.

And yet… around three million Australians still smoke – that’s 14% of our entire population!

Why do so many of us put our health – and even our lives – and that of our loved ones at risk every single day with this deadly habit when we know the associated risk?

Because smoking is not just a habit, it is an addiction. In fact, smoking can be one of the hardest addictions of all to break.

The reasons for why and how a person suffers from this addiction are complex. In short, genetics plays a role; the absorption of nicotine into the body creates the release of dopamine (AKA the ‘happy hormone’); the ‘rewards centre’ of our brain can associate this ‘feel good rush’ of dopamine with other activities performed while smoking (e.g. having a coffee); and the behaviour of socialising (e.g. ‘having a smoke’ with your workmates) can be difficult to modify when surrounded by enablers.

It can be particularly difficult to overcome addiction when external triggers are present – particularly in times of stress (e.g. COVID, job loss or a relationship breakdown).

When looking at all of these factors holistically, it’s no wonder if you’ve struggled to quit and STAY smoke free.

You are not alone. On average, smokers trying to quit will have MANY ‘failed’ attempts.

This feeling of failure can dramatically impact your confidence, leading to a spiral of guilt and shame (our two most ‘unhelpful’ emotions), which can leave you feeling triggered and wanting to smoke even more, in a vicious cycle.

Self-compassion is important. Please remember that you are not failing when you attempt to quit. You are actually taking one step further in your journey towards remaining healthy and smoke-free! You have every right to feel proud of yourself for taking this step and use this confidence to take your NEXT STEP.

What will it be?

Perhaps you just haven’t found the right strategy yet that works for YOU – and one that works PERMANENTLY.

Have you considered hypnosis?

Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) has been practiced for thousands of years. For some decades now, it has been utilised by medical and natural therapy professionals alike as a PROVEN method to assist people to quit smoking.

While there are many common misconceptions around hypnosis, it is a very gentle and safe method which works quickly and effectively.

To successfully undergo hypnosis, you will be put in a ‘trance’ by a qualified Master Hypnotherapist, such as myself.

Being in a trance is not about being ‘drained’. In fact, you will feel ‘normal’, relaxed and in a natural state – similar to that experienced while meditating, day dreaming or even watching TV.

Hypnosis merely helps you to connect and better communicate with your unconscious mind. You remain in total control at ALL TIMES and can merely expect to feel increased levels of relaxation, while still being aware fully of your surroundings.

Once ‘under’, I will guide you towards making subtle, yet important shifts in your subconscious mind, which will allow you to make and sustain desired changes to your behaviour once you leave the trance.

It is important to note that, since you are in control at all times, Hypnosis can only be effective if you truly WANT to quit smoking.

The ball is in your court.

Will you allow me to help you?

Together, we CAN make a dramatic change in your life, help you stop smoking and live a healthy and smoke-free life from now on.

You can do this. Please take the first step and reach out to me. Visit www.purposefullife.com.au for more information or email hello@purposefullife.com.au or phone 0481 877 860 to make your Hypnosis appointment and quit smoking TODAY.