It’s the lead up to the new year, you are feeling excited and more motivated than ever.
“This is the year, I’m going to do it!”

One month in, and you’re already feeling like you’re slipping and failing.
The fridge you stocked full of healthy food, promising to eat? It turned into donuts and fast food runs.
The walks that you assured your dog you’d go on every day? Your dog is bored of staring at the door.
The gym membership you rushed out to get? It’s accumulating cobwebs.

All of the things you promised to yourself, do they feel like they have been short lived?
What is the mysterious reason behind it all?

Here is why new year’s resolutions don’t always work


Creatures of comfort? Yes!

Most of us are reliant on feeling familiarity, so when we put the pressure on to shake things up in a big way, it can seem a bit overwhelming. It can be very easy to bring ourselves back to the comfort of the familiar, where we feel safe while adding more resistance toward our goals.


Big plans, and no plan of attack?
Do you have all the information you require to move forward with this?
Is there a strategy in place?
With the right information, we can move in the right direction. Without it, we often feel lost and unsure where to start.


Mindset matters!
Day one, we are out the door, both guns blazing.
You are ready to take on the world… “I can do this!”
Then, a little voice comes through that says “no you can’t”
Your mindset is driven by the messages of your inner/self-talk.


Self belief is a huge key factor in progress and moving forward.
If you have instilled personal beliefs that put up blocks to this, we can lose focus and motivation easily.
“This is your self talk speaking, I am your captain of your mindset”
If our negative beliefs are in the driver’s seat, we can easily veer off track.


Achieving big things, and accomplishing our goals often works better with a network of support. Especially when they are working in harmony within the web of what you set out to achieve.

Whether it is fitness, weight loss, education, or any goal in between, a coach can get you up and running and well on the way to success!

As a coach, we lead you to your biggest breakthroughs and building your positive mindset!

Say goodbye to any and all limitations, doubts, fears, or uncertainties that are standing in the way of reaching milestones and heights in all areas of your life.