As a qualified NLP Master Practitioner – Energy Healer / Life Coach, I am there for you, especially during the most difficult times.  Having ongoing support will help you develop all areas of your life. You will be transformed and empowered so you can live your best life.

I will hold you accountable so you can reach your goals. Help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and empower you to create positive changes in your life. Gain confidence and have self worth.

I am based in the Barossa Valley.  I am a mobile business. I travel Greater Adelaide to visit you.  I also offer online video meetings for those who live in another state of Australia or worldwide.


Gift Vouchers Available

Gift vouchers are available to purchase, to enable you to share Purposeful Life with someone special. Vouchers are available for a 1 hour Access Bars® session, 1 hour Access Energetic Facelift™ session, or a 1 hour Crystal Light Therapy session.


Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner



Are you wanting to quit smoking?

Are you wanting to lose weight?

Do you have any bad habits that you want to stop?

Do you feel stressed? Would you like to become more relaxed?

Is your performance enhancement in business/ life lacking?


Hypnosis (hypnotherapy) has been practiced for thousands of years.

Hypnosis is gentle and very safe. It works quickly to bring powerful results.

The art of hypnosis is firstly understanding trance. Trance is not about being drained. Trance just feels normal. It is a relaxing, natural state which everyone goes into all the time. For example meditation, day dreaming or when you are watching TV. Hypnosis helps connect and establish better communication with your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis allows you to remain in total control at all times. During trance you will expect to feel increased levels of relaxation, still aware fully of your surroundings.

Hypnosis has been proven to assist with:

  • Stress reduction
  • Stop smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Stop habits e.g nail biting / over eating / alcohol
  • Performance enhancement – Business / Life
  • Anxiety / Fears

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